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GME Plumbing is a family-run local business and has been clearing blocked drains in the local area and surrounding community since 2003. As The Blocked Drain Experts we know the inconvenience of having a bad smelly blocked drain, a clogged overflowing toilet, a smelling sewer pipe or an overflowing drain outside. Blocked drains are a huge inconvenience, a major health hazard and sometimes an absolute nightmare. GME Plumbing cut through the source of the blockage. We still believe without a doubt, that this is the best method to deal with blockages. Especially tree roots.


Do You Have A...?                          We Can...

Blocked Toilet                               Unclog Your Toilet

Blocked Drain                               Unclog Your Drain

Blocked Shower                            Unclog Your Shower

Blocked Sink                                 Unclog Your Sink

Main Drain Clog up                        Unclog Your Main Drain 



Do not use flush any type of wipes!! They cause major blockages as they do not break down. 

If the water level in the toilet rises and then drains slowly or if the water gets sucked out of the toilet bowl. Both are an indication of a blockage.

Can you hear gurgling? This is a sign, that tree roots are in your pipes and will soon block up.


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Blocked Drains And Camera Inspections