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Burst Pipes And Water Leaks

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Some water leaks can be very obvious. You may come home to find your home is inundated with water or a puddle of water in your front yard. You maybe just digging in your garden, to plant a new plant and suddenly you hit the water pipe. Or your husband is trying to be a plumber for the weekend! Some leaking pipes may not be so obvious, hidden deep underground or in a wall cavity. Burst pipes can be due to age, joints get old and brittle. Old flexi hoses can rust out and ground movement can also play a part in split pipes. GME Plumbing has seen it all before. You can rest assured we will locate and repair or replace any damaged, corroded or leaking pipes. Our highly experienced plumbers are fully equipped to handle any kind of pipe issues inside or out.


It is a good idea to check your water meter every so often. When no water is being used in your house, walk out and check your water meter. The numbers on the meter should not move. If they are moving and there are no dripping taps or no leaking toilets there is a good chance you have a burst pipe located somewhere on your property. Even if there are no signs of water you can see. There maybe a burst pipe underground or in a wall. If you have any concern this may be happening to you, call us today.

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Burst Pipes And Water Leaks